Toyota or GM?

Well, they did it.  As I prediceted in one of my University classes in ’06, Toyota continues to creep up on American car makers where this week it was announced that Toyota sold 9.37 million vehicles worldwide.

Amazing.  Toyota is successful because it had the vision to move forward and spend money in R&D and develop better efficiencies.

Today, Toyota can produce a car every 20 hours, where it takes other car manufacturers over 24 hours to build a car.

Toyota can actually produce a car for less than most American auto makers, where American automakers produce cars at a loss right off the assembly line.

Don’t beleive it?  It’s true.  Google the Baseline article from September ’06.

Of course Toyota is nipping at GM’s heals with its hybrid engine technology that is now licensed to other auto makers like BMW, Ford and Honda.

That’s what Toyota was doing 10 years ago, studying what consumers want and need.  It’s a basic of marketing. 

What does the consumer want?  What does the consumer need?  Build it for the consumer and they will buy it.

Oh yea, let’s not forget Dr. Edward Deming, the father of Total Quality Management.  Dr. Deming used to work for GM back in the day where GM ignored his principle of TQM.  So Dr. Deming went to Japan and the rest, as they say is history.

Yup.  It’s true.  Buy the book at Amazon.  It’s called, “Dr. Deming: The American Who Taught the Japanese About Quality”. (Paperback)

Shame on you Bill Ford.

Is TQM valuable to your business?  Absolutely.

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