The Rising Cost of Managing Your Small Business.

As we continue to suffer phenomenal gas gasoline prices, struggle through a war that is draining financial reserves, and having to contend with a Presidential election year, what is the small business owner to do?

Get organized and develop a plan that will see you through these tough times.

So you already have a plan.  Sure, you do, but it is in your head.  Not a good place for your strategic plan to be.

You need to write it down.  You need to get everyone in your business on the same page or at least get some of your employees on your side.

Developing business plans is just too easy these days.  Sure, you can hire a business plan writer for thousands of dollars or you can write it yourself.

I recommend using Business Plan Pro from Palo Alto Software.  It’s pretty good and worth the money.

I meet clients every week who do not have a plan but are frustrated, stressed out and sometimes, on the verge of bankruptcy.

The U.S. economy is not going to get better anytime soon, and things might get a little harder as we figure out these difficult times.  You may want to get organized and have a plan to ride out this storm of uncertainty.

Gas prices are higher, in are in a Presidential election year, and we are wasting money in a war we should have never started.

You need to get your business prepared.

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