Starbuck’s is closing stores!

What does it mean when a powerhouse reatil operator decides to close stores? 

What does this news mean to the small business owner?

It means we as small business owners need to pa attention to what is happening in the macro economy and how we (small business) might be affected in the future.

Starbuck’s is just the first in what I see as growing trend trend of mega retailers that will be affected by the reduction of consumer disposable income.

Disposable income is what we as consumers have to spend on things such as a latte, clothing, vacations, accesories, etc.

All of our businesses rely on consumer disposable income.

I strongly recommend that we get control of our business expenses and develop a plan to “manage” our way through these tough economic times.

Don’t worry, things will get better.  They just will.

We have to make sure we are well manage and well planned out.

I suggest Palo Alto Software Business Plans.  They are effective, easy to use and affordable.

A business plan is vitall important to any and all businesses, small and large.

Trust me.  Write your business plan.  Even though you’ve been in business for twenty years…you need a busines plan.

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