Organizational Management

As we all move toward making our businesses better and managing the difficult times ahead, we cannot discount the value of our human resources.

Our businesses depend on all of our employees where we need to foster the development of those employees rather than struggling through difficult employees or poorly developed management techniques.

There are many ways to foster employee development and there are probably millions of articles and books on how to do this but know that whatever technique you use, this process can be overwhelming.

More than any consultant you hire or more than any book you read it is important to take into consideration human development.

It is important to understand the development of a human (employee) prior to implementing dramatic change in your business.

Basically, humans do not like change.  Any change.  Large or small, humans do not like change.

Rather than running through your business demanding change and getting negative results, it is best to analyze and understand the humans that work for you BEFORE you try to change their comfortable work environment.

This topic is huge where I will not get into the details here but I do recommend getting to know your employees and their expectations before considering a change for your business.

You can post a reply to this blog and I will try to respond with specific examples from client case studies.

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