Does Your Business Need a Consultant During These Tough Economic Times?

Do you think you need professional help?

If you are reading this, I would say yes.

Let me tell you a little story about the perception of professional help in the form of a consultant.

I have been extremely busy this year traveling around the country working hand in hand with business owners helping them “manage” their business as well as plan for the future.

These business owners recognize two things in looking for professional help.

1) they cannot do it themselves.

2) they recognize they need an extra pair of eyes looking into their operations.

So, they have called me to help and help I have.

You have to take into consideration the help offered.  In my career, I have seen over 120 businesess, large and small, broke and disorganized, etc.

Help comes in the form of my hands on knowledge and experiecne with 11 businesses this year alones as oppossed to theory from some university or from an ex-CEO from a billion dollar company.

Do you think you can manage the unknown during these tough economic times?

I recently had a client cancel a project plan I had written for him because he thought he could do it himself.

My first thought is, “why did you agree to a project in the first place if you could do it yourself”.

My second thought is, “good luck”. 

It’s not that easy.  It just isn’t.

In all my years of doing this, I have never known anyone to be as successful on their own versus what we can do.

Don’t be fooled into thinking things are going to get better by you fixing things or just waiting it out.

Get professional help.

If you like, I have a list of things you should look for when searching for help.

Email me and I will send in to you.

Good luck,

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