Here we go!! It’s finally 2009

So what do we do now that we are in the midst of an economic dive?

Get ready!

Get ready for a bunch more speculation, opinions and rhetoric about what is to come via a new President, the failed housing market, two wars and economic uncertainty.

I would strongly suggest we watch less cable news.  We are not going to here anything new from the media.

We already know the economy is in bad shape yada, yada, yada.

I suggest we stop listening to the media and start planning to “manage” our businesses.

Friday seemed to be a great day on Wall Street which would lead us to believe things might be OK in 2009.

I suggested in other articles and blogs that we must get used to manage our money as we did in the ’70s.

For those of you who remember the ’70s, we didn’t have credit and everything we needed we actually purchased with cash.

Sure there was credit but not as much as we have been used to in the last 30 years.

So, the year has started out OK.  All we need to do now is manage the cash we have.