Don’t Forget Customer Service

As we have now moved into the reality of the New Year and uncertainty in the economy, I find that with all the “panic” there are still service oriented businesses neglecting one thing.  Customer Service.

For those of us who own businesses that rely on customers (which is pretty much all of us), now is NOT the time to treat your customers as if they are bothering us.

I say this with great distain for those businesses (public and private) that do not take the time to re-train employees in how important each and every ONE customer is to our business.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen in these tough times there are still businesses out there that really don’t care if you walk into their business or not.

Well, at least that’s what it feels like via poorly trained employees that seem frustrated to serve you or those employees who seem to “cool” to acknowledge you would like service.

It’s as if employees despise being at work and we (customers) are a distraction to them just hanging out, getting paid.

In my continued work toward my Ph.D. and researching organizational failures, I have the luxury of studying this dynamic within businesses to realize that in these tough, uncertain times, we cannot afford to lose customers.

We have to re-train our employees, our managers; ourselves to make sure we provide the service required by our consumers.

We cannot blame business failures on the economy.  That issue will not be relevant soon, where we must re-train our employees to do the best they can to keep that customer coming back for more.



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  1. Luis Luarca says:

    I wanted to follow up on this blog regarding something I noticed today.

    I went to watch the BCS championship game at a very trendy bar in Los Angeles and to my surprise, it was pretty empty.

    I would like to think that this was a result of the game itself and USC was not playing.

    Anyway, the two bartenders and the wait acted as if I didn’t exist. One of them even commented on how tired he was and didn’t want to be a work.

    Hmmm. He must be wealthy that he really doesn’t need this job as a bartender.

    Anyway, I thought of this blog I wrote and also thought that the X and Y generation can really hurt our businesses via these blogs.

    With the advance of information at our fingertips and a tightening economy, consumers will want to spend their hard earned cash in places that treat them properly.

    We have to think about training our employees to give better customer service.

    We also have to think keeping those employees who do a great job for our business.

    As I continue to research my Ph.D. I realize that there are ways to better our business via the knowledge and understanding of how humans function.

    We must foster their development where we can to help our business and cultivate better employees.

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