Once Again, Are Things Getting Better?

What does getting better mean?

Getting better means that the global economy is actually stabilizing itself to where it should be.

Sure, the world is in a recession but note that this recession is really an adjustment to reality.

The reality is that we will live in a world without so much credit just as we did in the ‘70s.

As we close this first quarter of the worst global economic performance in history, we must take into account some of the brighter notes of news related to this scrambled economic environment.

Some news of note has been the best four-week performance by the Dow despite continued negative employment data.

This last week, the Dow closed above 8,000 while reports show US jobless rate at 25-year high of 8.5 percent.

The last time the Dow rose for four consecutive weeks was between September and October of 2007 — when the index reached its record above 14,000.

A couple of weeks ago President Barack Obama freed billions of dollars to help the nation’s small businesses, where we will now have a little breathing room in managing our businesses.

Over the last couple of weeks bank accounting rules have been eased as well as there being a commitment from the world’s finance leaders to keep propping up the global economy.

This last Friday’s March unemployment report was the last big hurdle in determining how well things might seem to be.

Is the worst over?  No one is sure just yet, but so far so good.

Does this mean that those of us who have lost our jobs will get back to work soon?

Not really.

We must recognize that the industries that caused this economic meltdown are the industries that are pushing unemployment numbers up.

We must also recognize that those industries that are tied to consumer disposable spending are also as affected, where there is little chance for displaced workers gaining employment in those specific areas.

When we look at our businesses, we must take into account how we are going to manage our business in this new economy, this new opportunity to better our business practices.

Reviewing operations, processes and business structure is of paramount importance now that we have been given a second chance.

Our approach via our proven Operational Accounting methodologies will secure business’ ability to manage the changing economy and secure operations into the future.

This economy has adjusted itself where we now have an opportunity to better our business.


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