Who is running Craigslist?

Ok, I have had enough!

For years now I have maintained this blog site to share insights and news bites about the economy and general business topics that might be useful. After some procrastination and a bit of free time, I have decided to use this site for what it was really meant for…ranting about something.

I’m still going to provide legitimate, valuable news info regarding the economy, but I am also going to have fun with this blog site by pointing out the painfully obvious mistakes business managers make. It’s like I am going to use this site to share what “grinds my gears” like Peter did in that episode of “Family Guy” where he had a spot on the local evening news talking about things that grind his gears.

For example; this past October I had a terrible expereince while staying at a La Quinta hotel in Houston, Texas that got me so frustrated and pissed off that I vowed to never stay at a La Quinta again. I thought of blogging about it but was just too busy to write, and a little too pissed of to stay focused enough to write. I will actually get to that blog soon but today was the final straw, which again prompted me to use this blog site to heckle, embarass, and educate business owners in how to “not” operate your business.

So last week and today I am trying to post an ad to hire over 100+ Americans for legitimate employment via Craigslist but I notice that my ads continued to be deleted. According to CL, I find out that they have a policy that does not allow them to post ads for employment that are “work from home” ads.


You can STILL actually hire a call girl from Craigslist or get a random BJ via Craigslist postings BUT I CANNOT PUT OVER 100+ AMERICANS TO WORK??

First their response was:

Apologies for the trouble, but we are not able to accept job opportunities
that require any of the following:

* fees/costs of any kind (upfront or periodic)
* club membership
* recruitment of other members, sub-distributors, or sub-agents

In addition, craigslist cannot accept:

* franchise offers
* multi-level marketing opportunities
* distributorship arrangements

My ad is NIETHER of these.

Next I get this response:

Sorry, we do not accept appointment setting positions from home.

craigslist customer service

Ok, but I can post an ad if I am a pimp and I need to put my girls to work?

If you go to Craigslist into the “casual encounters” section, you can actually hire a call girl. Still. Regardless of what came from that murder case in New York. Call girls and their pimps have found a way around Craigslist’s filters. BUT I cannot place an ad for ligitimate employment.

What gives Craigslist? Why are your policies so random and lopsided?

I’ll post the La Quinta story later this week. That one is a doozy!

It’s actually entertaining for me to poke fun at ignorant business managers.

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