Consumer behavior shows recession is over

This is another interesting article about the economy. But who do we believe? I can tell that things are OK, but things will never get back to the way they were. Some might say that the U.S. economy is done and it’s only going to get worse. Well, what do we do with articles like this one? I still believe things are getting better than they were 15 months ago.

This is a good article

By Chris Isidore, senior writer CNNMoney

NEW YORK ( — Economists have been saying for a while that the Great Recession has ended. Now, there are signs that the general public is finally starting to agree.

Though still pitifully low, consumer confidence is improving.

But some of the positive economic news of recent weeks, like the best job gains in three years, the continued stock market rally and early signs of a turnaround in home values, is starting to make people more hopeful.

It’s a growing optimism that can best be seen in consumers’ actions, not their answers to various polls.

“If you look at what they’re saying, they’re still very nervous,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s “But if you look at what they’re doing, they’re more convinced that things have turned the corner.”


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