Stocks rise on more signs of growth; Dow tops 11K

So here is the hard data that proves that the worst is over. For all you defeatist out there…things are getting better. I can’t believe how many people are so negative about the economy when you have such positive, factual information such as this article and the many other articles I have posted in the last week.

What’s really happening is that those who remain negative are simply pissed off that their life isn’t as grandiose as it used to be. In other words, some are still greedy that they want their 20 credit cards back and their mountain of debt via mortgages, car loans, debt, debt and more debt. The reality is that most lived in a house of cards and can’t believe it’s gone. Not only is it gone, but these naysayers want it all back so they can pay their debts. Too bad. You’re bringing us all down.

There are good hard working American businesses out there giving it the old college try because they believe they can survive despite economic challenges.

So for all you defeatists out there like Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly, what do you say about factual economic data? Move out of the way, shut up and let hard working American business owners try as opposed to complaining and giving up.

Read this article.

Stocks rise as economy shows signs of growth; Dow briefly crosses 11,000

by Ieva M. Augstums and Stephen Bernard, AP Business Writers

NEW YORK (AP) — The stock market closed at a new 18-month high Friday, with the Dow Jones industrial average briefly touching 11,000 before retreating slightly.

The gains were driven by fresh signs that the economy continues to recover. Many analysts remain skeptical that the market’s gains are sustainable since they have come on relatively low volume, indicating that a large number of investors are still sitting on the sidelines.

The Dow very briefly touched 11,000 in the final five minutes of trading before ending with a gain of 70 points. It hadn’t crossed that level since Sept. 29, 2008, just as the worst phase of the financial crisis was beginning.

Stocks got a boost after reassuring statements from Greece’s finance minister and the head of the European Central Bank. Major European indexes closed higher, while the dollar fell against the euro.

Major indexes pulled back briefly after Fitch Ratings cut its view on Greece’s debt, but quickly recovered. Stocks have been fluctuating in recent days and the euro has weakened because of concerns that Greece might default on its debt.


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    This is what is expected of this guy, “Say it & Do it the way you see it” best business model!!

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