Texas recession proof?

Now that I sheepishly admit I hail from Texas (Houston to be exact) and this state’s Governor has formally thrown his hat into the race for President of the United States, there seems to be an interest in this state’s job market and it’s impressive growth despite the state’s drought, brutal and muggy heat, terribly managed largest city (Houston), and the last two year the rest of the country has suffered economic losses via the last recession. Is the state of Texas’ success due to Governor Rick Perry? I say nay nay. I really don’t know why Texas, Houston in particular and Governor Rick Perry are so popular these days. There is an interesting read on CNN Money about Rick Perry’s time in office as the state’s Governor you should read. Is a Governor’s leadership truly evident in the success of a state or are there other factors that make Texas so apparently great? Hmm, interesting. Read on.

Texas has gained more than 1 million net new jobs in the decade Perry has led the state. And it’s been going strong since the recession ended.

“We are home to fewer than one in 10 Americans … but four in 10 new American jobs are in our state,” he told a conference of state legislators from around the nation this week.

But that doesn’t mean that all is well with employment in the Lone Star State. Texas leads the nation in minimum-wage jobs, and many positions don’t offer health benefits. Also, steep budget cuts are expected to result in the loss of more than 100,000 jobs.

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