Business Success in this Economy?

Is it possible to profit from your hard efforts in managing your business in this economy? Yes it is! Besides, what is all this talk about a double dip recession and the U.S. economy being near bankrupt? It’s fear mongering really. I recommend we all stop listening to National news because according to the National news, we’re all going to hell.

So again, how can you manage your business better in this economic environment to actually produce a profit, become more efficient or manage your business and its employees more effectively? Send me an email and I will tell you because I just did in a business in Houston, Texas. I can show you the numbers if you like (you have to sign an NDA) to prove it. It’s not magic, just reality. As a business owner, you must always have your business prepared for the unknown, The Black Swan, or at least have your business runniing smooth, efficiently, and profitably.

Send me an email.

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  1. Miles Cunningham says:

    Thanks for sharing Luis and we appreciate what you did for us in 09′. I agree with what you said, but I’m not sure how prepared you can be for a Black Swan. By definition a “Black Swan” is not foreseen so having your business running smooth and as efficiently as possible is the answer just as you said. By the way we just purchased another building 74k sq ft with 20 ton crane capacity 10 minutes away. We are going to expand all departments! Come see us when you are in Bham!

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