National News on The U.S. Economy

This past Saturday I found myself in the local BMW dealer for service on my car and to my surprise, the showroom floor was packed with potential buyers. What gives? According to the National news and some local news reports (Houston KPRC), the U.S. economy is still in turmoil and we are still headed for a double dip recession. Really?

The next day Sunday, I was in a Best Buy to get my copy of MW3. Great game! Best Buy was also packed with customer buying everything from TVs to computers to smartphones! Seriously? Why is it that the National news presents such doom and gloom and why is that according to the National news, no one person is ever qualified to the President of the United States. In other words, why does the National news present such fear, such end of the world news and such drama?

Should we really be listening to or watching National news? Is the National news just a fear mongering outlet?

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