Are you ready for 2012?

This time of year we are all asking the same question “is my business prepared for 2012?” What does being prepared really mean? Do we have enough employees? Do we have enough sources for working capital? Or is a more important question “is my business organized enough to withstand whatever may come?” That is the million dollar question. What is to come of the U.S. economy in 2012 or better yet, what is to come of the global economy in 2012 and is your business prepared? Please do not believe your business has done well enough in 2011 that you don’t need to double check your organization’s status and please do not believe your 2011 business performance was so bad that it will be the same in 2012. In other words, be prepared at all times.

One of the companies I own a small percentage of did very well this year despite negative outlook by National media and the constant “nay-sayers” and doubting Thomases.

How did we do it? Three parts; 1) Commitment, 2) Courage, 3) Consistency.

1) Commit to change those things that are wrong with your business’ operations and stay changed. Don’t revert to what you know are bad habits. Search for professional opinion to determine where your business might be flawed, fix the flaw and commit to that change.

2) Be courageous to make relative decisions based on what you know about your operations. Seek professional advice if needed but be courageous in your decision making. If your sales are not where you need them, change the way you sell, or change the message in the sales pitch. If your operations are chewing up your overhead and SG&A expenses, change the way you operate. Often I hear clients say “we’ve always done it this way”. Well, ladies and gentlemen maybe always doing it that way is the wrong way. Note that the external environment is in a constant state of flux, why isn’t your business constantly reviewing its processes to keep up with the ever changing external environment?

3) Remain consistent in future plans and decisions especially when managing employees. Humans will test your consistency and will take advantage of your lack of consistency. Of the many facets of organization management, employees (who are truly just being humans) are the most challenging and the most dynamic where mastering “how” to understand and manage human behavior is a huge opportunity to realize business success. In other words, how you manage and remain consistent in your decisions as it relates to human behavior and how those humans behave within your organization is key to your business success in any economic environment.

Allectus LLC client’s who have communicated with me this year touted great success in their organizations and they look forward to a great 2012 because their businesses are structured, organized and prepared for what every the economy has to throw at them. Get some help for your organization, for your processes and for your employees.

Good luck everyone!

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