Measuring Employee Performance

The other day I sat with one of my employees to do his 30 day performance review and was reminded of how truly important a performance evaluation truly is to employees. According to Abraham Maslow (1968), a fundamental psychological desire of every human being is the need to “be”. In other words, all of us, inlcuding me need to “feel” accepted, acknowledged, and appreciated whether it is at work, at home, and in society (Facebook, MySpace, Mercedes-Benz, Rolex, etc). And being that we spend more time at work than anywhere else in our lives, it is imperative that business managers recognize and respect the importance of employee performance evaluations.

Over the years I have developed a pretty elaborate Employee Performance Evaluaition System (EPES) that not only helps manage business operations through training but it satisfies that fundamental need of human existence to feel acknowledged, part of the organization, and their opinion matters. In other words, evaluations are great training opportunities for employees as well as managers and evaluations are a fantastic way to show employees management is listening, and management cares not only about each employees’ success, but the success of the business as a whole.

As I sat and discussed this employee’s last 30 days I noticed he was ready and organized with bullet points, reports, and quantifiable data depicting his percieved progress over the last 30 days. What we need to take away from this is that he is serious about his success within the organization becuase we have shown him that the organization is a success and we need him to be a part of that success. He’s been watching us a managers as we have been watching his performance. In other words, this person “gets-it” and is aware and in control of his future within the organization.

Part of the success of any evaluation program is the consistency in which it is administered. Rather, you cannot introduce an evaluation program and not use it. I’ve witnessed this many times. Employees, believe it or not, want structure, they want leadership, and they want direction. An evaluation system facilitates that for them AND over time, perforance evaluations make managing the business much easier. As I meet new clients I often here (from employees) that there needs to be an evaluation program plugged into their organization, and they need direction, and they need leadership. Installed properly and used accordingly, an employee evaluation program will make everyone’s life so much easier within your organization. Don’t know how to do this? Call me and I will walk you through it.

Good luck.

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