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Unemployment Rate is Down in 45 States?

Really? I thought it was the end of the world last year when Fox News annouced we were headed into double dip recession in Q3 of 2011. Oh boy, and my friends wonder why I only watch cartoons. Because the National news is great at creating fear and depression! Oiy!

According to the Washington Post, there has been a drop in unemployment claims in 45 states “bolstering a range of positive economic data suggesting that a stronger recovery is taking hold across the nation”. Great news!

It’s great news in my opinion for those who are willing to get up and get to work and for those who ever wanted to start a small business. Economic times such as these are great for small business start ups…they just are. This is a great article by V. Dion Haynes at the Post, check it out Washington

Small Business Optimism

So I was right about 15 months ago stating that businesses will bounce back when everyone else was forecasting a double dip recession, implosion of major banks, and the devaluing of the American dollar. This article from CNBC bolsters this thinking where most of my clients over the last year can attest to positives outlooks as well as growth and planned capital spend over the next two and three years. In the last 15 months, the company in Houston I own a small portion of has realzied over 51% growth in sales YOY and well over 72% growth in sales since 2009. Internal operations are off the charts with a Real Internal Growth (RIG) number of well over 12%. That is truly a number we can take to the bank and we did. Today we received a second steel laser cutting machine worth just under half-million. In the last 18 months we have not only improved efficiencies to go from a 45 day lead time to a 24 hour lead time (yes, it’s true) that we now operate with two laser cutting machines having only financed once of them. Truly amazing. My consulting company, Allectus LLC has also shown equal if not better growth YOY. Why do you suppose that is? If my consulting business continues to grow that tells me two things. 1) Business owners realize they can manage their businesses better and they hire Allectus LLC, 2) Business owners see the potential in their industries to organize and develop better structures to meet the demand coming in the next 2-3 years. Read this article, it’s a good one.